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The Background Of Seo Agency Los Angeles Now

Given idea of the the links that we have their very powerful links so I want you guys to know that and understand that that’s really what it’s going to take to be number one organically in in in Google okay so let me continue with some more case study stuff.

I got here so San Diego auto seo company in los Angeles connection there a huge you know auto used auto dealer in San Diego before they met me you know a lot of it was word of mouth and you know paid advertisement and all that good stuff but and they were on probably I think page three and four for some of the keywords so this one major key word that we really moved them up a lot in San Diego auto dealers.

you know this thing’s getting hundreds and hundreds of searches a month we got them ranked number three in the maps number one organically okay that’s huge and I think we’ve had them since I want to say January fifth so just over three going on for months now they’re killing it and I have their how much web traffic they’re getting they’re getting almost new visitors per month to their.

website now you know so it’s just been a steady incline ever since we we took them over so they’re there this site is very very successful we’re happy to have them another lead generation website that we did we did one for a party bus limo company in San Diego ranked this.

one in Escondido it’s ranked number two here and number one in maps just dominating there’s nobody else it’s it’s so powerful and dominating here it’s just it’s only them and for this major keyword Escondido party bus all right and just to give me an example when.

we do do these lead generation websites we’re able to put a call tracking number so we can see all the all the phone calls all right so since the in the past days this website has gotten almost three hundred phone calls I’m sorry six hundred phone calls that’s per month and I don’t have it.

Awesome Things You Can Learn From Software

Going to want to walk them through their keyword listings or the keywords that you developed and where their ranking for those keywords and so you can say you know we did the due diligence we spent some time really researching what the most commonly searched keywords are in your area for the services that you provide and this is the list that became up with would you agree that this looks.

like a pretty strong list yeah also I’ve got the search volumes associated with this and you can see you know I really spent the time to find the keywords that are going to be most important as opposed to just the words that I thought might be relevant and then what we did was we plug that information into a tool that helps us isolate where your ranking on Google and Yahoo and Ring we’re almost everybody.

Goes when they’re looking for these types of services and this report shows you’re showing up for maybe some of them but for some of the most important ones you have no ranking at all and when you-show them this they start me to say wow there’s keywords here that people retyping in that I’m missing out on ongoing to show you what that report lookalike so you can really drill down but i think that’s where.

You go next and then from there you walk them through the local search findings report which shows here’s why you’re not ranking for these keywords you don’t have enough citations there’s inconsistency of your name match to the phone numbers you don’t have enough online reviews whatever the case maybe and you really have the opportunity show them what needs to be fixed with their online marketing strategy and so you’ve created an open loop in their mind you’ve created pain because they want to get more business they want to grow their revenues they’ve already.