Construction Crane Technology

How Construction Crane Technology is Aiding the Industry

Picture yourself at a construction site where numerous workers are excavating sites, digging holes and trenches with pickaxes and shovels, moving concrete and cement, and climbing ladders to pass construction material to other workers on upper stories. You would feel like you were still living in the Mesopotamian age of crude tools; a joke in the face of today’s automatic cranes.

We would be justified to say that, over the past centuries, the human brain has outdone itself in technological innovations that surpass the basic intent of making work easier. Technology has, in fact, hit high levels of efficiency in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness and safety. For instance, the discovery of the crane has revolutionized the construction industry where heavy lifting is the order of the minute. The largest cranes can lift up to 18 tons! Crane power has replaced manpower.

What we wonder is: How does the crane revolutionize the construction industry today?

Here are the three most eminent ways:

  1. The crane stretches higher than man

However hard man works, there are certain heights that remain impossible for him, especially when climbing ladders with heavy construction material on his back. At the lever instead, man can maneuver a crane to rise as high as he wants, loaded with the heavy weight of construction material. Thanks to the crane, the 1000 meters-tall Jeddah Tower, in Saudi Arabia, will in 2020 break the 829.8 meters record held by the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai.

How Construction Crane Technology is Aiding the Industry

  1. Speed is efficiency

How long would it take a person to climb 1000 meters loaded with a single construction block? Even if specific climbing techniques were applied, getting off the ground and passing building blocks from one height to another, the speed of a crane would still render it obsolete. The crane achieves in seconds what would be achieved by hundreds of human hands in hours. Hence, supporting the logic of efficiency; large outputs from minimal inputs, in the shortest time.

  1. Safety is the top priority at any construction site

If you read on a social media site that 50 constructors were dead following the collapse of a ladder on which they were passing construction material, your reaction might be, “is this old or real-time news?” Fortunately, today’s modern cranes keep accidents down to a minimum. 

The cranes keep construction workers safe from the dangers of collapsing ladders, as it is constructed for stability. With advancement in technology, computer-controlled clicks are replacing the lever-maneuvering hand. As a result, Smart Cranes are used, allowing precise crane tilts and movements, while preempting imminent danger.

Conclusively, contemporary constructors would spend more money and time to complete construction work if the crane technology was not yet discovered. What’s more, we would regrettably miss out on the beauty of the majestically tall buildings that the slow labour of man’s hand would take an eternity to complete, not to mention that amount of health and safety risks there would be completing a task like that without the use of machinery like cranes. Safe to say the use of cranes make buildings and homes possible.


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