Challenging Rooms to Renovate

Home renovation is a challenging task especially when you are renovating your home while staying in the house. It is imperative to have a proper plan of what types of renovation you are planning and the timeline before you start renovating. The difficulty of the task will depend on the level of restoration you are planning to do.

The most challenging room to renovate in any home is the kitchen. If you are planning to change the cabinets in the kitchen, it becomes even more challenging. You can repaint kitchen walls before the new cabinets get installed. Consider your options and see some different interior wall finishes for kitchens. It can open up and give your kitchen a completely fresh new look and feel. It is better to use good quality paint which you can clean by wiping with a cloth, and semi-gloss paint will be better for this purpose.

Make sure all the electrical appliances are shut off and disconnected before the work begins. It becomes challenging when you have to empty the kitchen. You will not be able to do any cooking also till the work is done. You can manage a small amount of cooking with microwave and kettle which you can shift to another room, but you will have to stop major cooking till the renovation is over. Dust is another big hassle when improvement happens in any part of the house. If you are allergic to dust, it becomes even more of a problem. If you have granite table tops and you are changing them or installing new ones, if the granite cutting happens in the house, then the amount of dust it generates is too much to handle. A better option is to take an accurate measurement and order the granite so that only installation is done inside the house.

It is always better to do any renovation once you move out temporarily from your home but it is not still possible, and sometimes you have to renovate while staying in the house. You will have to cover all your utensils and appliances well when the kitchen renovation happens. If you are changing your cabinets, then everything will need to be shifted out from the kitchen. You will need to wash everything before using, even the glass to have a glass of water. It is better to shift the refrigerator out of the kitchen before renovation begins so that you have easy access to it while the work is going on.

Another tough room to renovate is the bathroom. This is especially true if you have only one or two bathrooms in the house. Getting the flooring changed is the most challenging part in this renovation as, if you are re-laying the tiles of the floor, the task of taking out the existing pipes takes a lot of work which will also make a mess of dust and mud. This also involves making a lot of noise while taking out these tiles which will give you a severe headache if you are staying in the house. You will have to make an alternate arrangement as you will not be able to use the bathroom while the work is underway. When re-designing the bathroom, look into incorporating polished concrete tiles in the bathroom. It’s a very minimalistic, sleek and modern look. Perfect for a freshly renovated bathroom.

You also need to make sure the plumbing is not affected while the breaking of the floor tiles is happening. If you don’t plan to change the pipe fittings, make sure to cover them adequately so that dust doesn’t get accumulated on them.
Renovation can be a messy affair if proper planning is not done beforehand. Try to hire more workers and get it done as soon as possible. Also, take out the debris out of the house frequently so that there is less mess lying around.

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