Maintaining Your Bathroom

There are many reasons that people will decide that it is eventually time to clean the nasty bathroom that you have been avoiding for quite some time.  You might have a blocked drain that could lead to water leaking and damaging your tiles, a blocked bathroom sink that has lead to a burst pipe or maybe you just have had enough of avoiding the problem and want to be productive.

Many people will agree that cleaning the bathroom is probably one of the most hated and most time consuming chores of all time. Nevertheless, it is still important to ensure that you maintain the bathroom because that is where you go on a daily basis to get clean, among other things. How would you feel if you went into the bathroom to clean up and came out dirtier? Nobody wants that and that is why we have come up with some effective cleaning tips to make this unpleasant task feel like a breeze and allow for you to feel more comfortable in your own home.

Get your supplies together

All the things you need to clean the bathroom should be located in one place. This includes your scrub brush, toilet cleaner, and bleach just to name a few. Also, you should make sure that these items don’t come in contact with anything outside of the bathroom in an effort to minimize cross-contamination.

Remove clutter and reorganize

Instead of stopping every few minutes to get rid of unwanted rubbish, it helps to get it done beforehand. All the stuff that’s finished like your empty shampoo bottle or the worn out toothpaste tube for instance, should all go in the garbage. Take another minute or two to get the remaining stuff back in order.

Clean your mirror

You can leave that as the last thing to do seeing that you may splash a lot of water when cleaning the other sections. In any case, however, the mirror can literally be a hard thing to look at with the dust, grime, toothpaste marks and so on. It’s recommended that you use a wet cloth immediately followed by a dry one to avoid streaking.

Prep the shower and sink

There is no going around the fact that the sink and shower take the most work. It would be best to spray the wall with a cleaning agent and let it sit for about 30 minutes. When you finally get around to the sink or shower, it will be easier to remove the dirt and stains.

Take ample time to clean the toilet

Some people will groan and roll their eyes when they get to this part of the job but it has to be done. After all, where would we be without a toilet in this era? Pre-soaking will help with stain removal before you start and it’s advised that you keep the cloth and sponges used on the toilet separate from the other bathroom cleaning equipment. Invest in a good bowl brush and some disinfectant.

Wash shower curtains

Mildew, slime, and dirt tend to build up on shower curtains very quickly because you use the bathroom every day. If you ignore the shower curtain, it’s going to feel like your cleaning is not complete and the lower half starts changing to a darker color due to lack of maintenance. Use a bleach-based cleaning solution to spray on the shower curtain and wait for about 10-15 minutes before washing.

Clean floors and change mats

We all know how dangerous it can be to have a wet floor especially in a bathroom. If you thought about sweeping the floors and removing the old mats before you got into the real work then that was a good idea. Ensure that you add a little vinegar to the water bucket and use a clean mop to wipe. Double check for wet spots before putting in the new mats.

At this point, you should have a bathroom that is clean in every sense of the word. Having a spotless bathroom can do wonders for a household and you will feel much better knowing that you can walk in and be comfortable.

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