What Happens If You Don’t Connect Your Property To A Sewer Line?

Consequences of Not Connecting Your Property To The Sewer

Sewer lines are drains for wastewater and rainwater. Without connecting sewer lines, there might be health and environmental effects. Also, the absence of storm and sanitary (lateral) sewer lines might reduce the value of your property. Without these lines, layers of the building’s walls (close to the ground surface) will absorb runoff water and wastewater. Before planning to live in homes without sewer lines, let’s analyse some of the drawbacks.

Conditions to expect when you are not connected

Water Pollution

Normally, after using waster for flushing or bathing drainpipes empty them to sewers. These human waste flows with gravity to the city’s sewer system before treatment. As roof-mounted pipes receive rainwater, they flow through underground pipes to the river. It keeps the environment very friendly, and free from stagnant water. However, the risk of water pollution is high without the right drain connections. The contaminants from human waste might find their way to cracked underground drinking water lines. Alternatively, sewage water that flows to local waterways and the beach will cause water pollution.

Insect Infestation

When human wastes, toilet papers, and blackwater decompose, they form maggots and can spread around a building without sewer lines. This condition often leads to insect infestation from both crawling and flying little creatures. The absence of sanitary sewer lines can attract ants, cockroaches, flies, bugs, and rodents. Consequently, these creatures can find their way into your house at night. Fumigation can help homeowners to protect their property, but it’s wiser to install sanitary sewers with the cost. Just a word of advice, remember to clean your drains every so often in order to prevent excess pest infestations and to avoid plumbing problems down the line.

Air Pollution

Usually, buildings without sewer lines at their backyards have poor air quality. The diffusion and smell of sewer gas are common causes of air pollution in poor suburbs. This condition gets worse when sewage water pool in the yard, pavement, or lawn. Also, stagnant water and urine from bathrooms could soak the walls of a property and weaken its foundation. Without the lateral pipe, the risk of respiratory disease is high for occupants of residential buildings like the elderly and children.

What Happens If You Don’t Connect Your Property To A Sewer Line?

It Increases Maintenance Cost

When sanitary sewers are defective, it can lead to staying in a property that’s not connected with septic tanks. When sewage water flows around without control, it can contaminate soil, walls, and every piece of metal it touches inside your yard. Without repairing or pipe relining in the event of broken pipes, acidic gases and moisture will cause corrosion and degrade your property.

Environmental Concerns

Wastewater and effluents are nutrients to plants around your property. It won’t take long before

homeowners see overgrown weed around their property. In less extreme cases, its green spots and lush patches of grass around wastewater that should be flowing through a sewage pipe. Like fertilisers, wastewater increases the spread of vegetation that surrounds the stagnant wastewater in homes that don’t have sewer lines. Moulds and mildews grow on the exterior walls of bathroom walls when your property is not connected to sanitary sewer lines. This condition can make your surrounding appear much unkept without regular maintenance.

It Increases the Chance of Erosion

Erosion from rainwater is common in environments with loose soil structure. Usually, urban areas plan special underground sewer pipes for storm water collection. Apart from foul water, sewer lines act as channels for discharging rainwater and diverting storm water. Without rainwater systems, there will be chances of flooding inside your compound after a heavy downpour. It’s the drain connections from roof gutters and gullies that help to empty rainwater into municipal sewer pipes. However, a property without sewer line for rainwater tends to show signs of erosion on its landscapes.

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